FedEx Commercial: We’ve All Been Here Before (Or Are Now)

Commercials like this are why recordable TV exists. I watched this three times before I even remembered I was watching something else entirely.

The face this guy makes when the garage door opens is priceless. We’ve all tried to look above our means, but watching this guy’s downfall unravel in front of him is nothing short of spectacular. And when it happens – you’ll laugh. And then by the third viewing you just start to feel sorry for the guy.

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Syrian War Video: Rebel Fighter’s Insane Close Call with Tracer Rounds

You know, I would have to think that when one joins up with a rebel militia or local insurgency, that said recruit will most likely not receive all that much proper military training.  Sure, I would wager a substantial amount of the rebel force in Syria already had military experience on their resumes, but I would also bet that the gentlemen in this video – the one with the creative, Frankenstein-rises firing position – came in with zero.  Lesson 1: what’s the difference between cover and concealment?  Answer, and more face palm analysis from this crazy Syrian War firefight after the jump.

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Fail Video: ESPN Anchor Makes Entire Soccer Community Facepalm

I’m not going to beat around the notional bush here: I like soccer, and I would love to attend an actual football game with 100,000+ other screaming, drunk fans at some point in my life across the pond, but I don’t follow the European leagues or the MLS here in the States.  Don’t get me wrong: soccer is an awesome game, and I even played it basically all throughout high school, but basketball is my favorite sport.  That being said, if I were a SportsCenter news anchor, I would have at least made sure I knew what the heck I was about to be talking about on national television, something this fail-worthy anchor completely, well, failed to do.

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Books We Like: Inside the Jihad, My Life With Al Qaeda

“Gentlemen, at this very moment, there are Al Qaeda forces that are training to kill you and your Marines.  They train high up in the oxygen-depleted mountains of Afghanistan, and if you think our training is hard, then try hauling a PKM (Soviet-style, medium machine gun) up to 12,000 feet, in bare feet over rocky terrain – oh, and at night without NVG’s.”

I can’t tell you how many times I heard that comment during my four years in the Marine Corps – which included a seven month hunting trip to Afghanistan’s Helmand Province – but it was a lot.  And it was motivating.  Little did I know however, was that this quote was actually legitimate; it’s not that I thought it wasn’t true, but you know how things can be exaggerated. I uncovered the truth just a few short weeks ago as I finished up maybe the most thrilling spy story I have ever read: Inside the Jihad – My Life with Al Qaeda, by Omar Nasiri. It is the jaw-dropping story of a former spy that infiltrated the most dangerous terrorist organization on the planet, and lived to tell about it.  And this is a post telling you to go get this book – as in right now.

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Old Sprite Commercial Never Disappoints

I think one of the hardest things to do in film is to scream and mean it. Countless times a teenage girl screams in an action movie and we’re not that sold. Or a killer is on the loose and he screams at his victims just before he kills them: contrived.

But every so often we get a good one. Remember Marv from Home Alone? McCauley Caulkin puts a tarantula on his head during the home invasion. Pretty sure I haven’t seen a better scream since. Continue reading “Old Sprite Commercial Never Disappoints”

Milk vs Red Bull: Video Analysis From an Austrian Farmer

There are some videos floating around the Internet that once you start watching, for whatever reason become just impossible to shut off.  Today, SQ Nation, I present to you one of those videos: ladies and gentlemen, I would like you to cordially meet Petutschnig Hons, an Austrian farmer whose first name may be the final question in next week’s 2014 National Spelling Bee on ESPN.  He also apparently has some serious issues with Red Bull – more on this unique video after the link!

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Actual Combat Footage of Medal of Honor Winner During Battle of Ganjgal in Afghanistan

With Memorial Day less than 72 hours away – I can smell those burgers and brats now – I couldn’t think of a better time to post arguably one of the best Afghanistan combat footage videos I have encountered to this date.  You have most likely heard the name Sgt Dakota Meyer before: he was awarded the Medal of Honor for his absolutely incredibly heroic actions during the Battle of Ganjgal, when his entire Marine Corps/US Army/Afghan National Army Embedded Training Team (ETT) came under heavy ambush.  But have you heard the name Captain William Swenson before?  Capt Swenson was a critical member and leader of that ETT, and is the second living Medal of Honor recipient from that same intense Battle in Eastern Afghanistan.  Believe it or not folks, this video is actual combat footage from that harrowing night – a firefight in which 5 US servicemembers and 8 Afghan soldiers lost their lives – and will help remind all of us that every Memorial Day – first and foremost – is a time to remember those who have made the ultimate sacrifice. More commentary after the link below – as well as a map diagram of the firefight, and links to both Medal of Honor citations.

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Gaming’s Inner Demons

I just stumbled upon Chris Hemworth’s artwork. It’s terrifying and beautiful at the same time. Like when you see a supercell over the plains in the Midwest. But at least these prints won’t tear down your walls – they build them up!

What I especially love about these prints is that they’re simple. It’s like a funny inside joke with a bitter aftertaste. But with a nice a frame if you want.

And today’s cross section of gaming and popular culture is widening every day. Recently, we found this gem: a Game of Thrones spirited SNES Super Mario Bros. 16-bit musical intro. Today, we find prints worthy of multiple rooms in our house. It’s a good time to be a gamer.

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Selfie Fail Video: Iranian Women Crash Car During Karaoke Selfie

Oh the things people will risk just to take a cool selfie video – like stand six inches away from a speeding freight train only to get kicked in the face, or like in today’s edition, crash their car and probably injuring/killing themselves, and people around them just because they wanted their selfie video to make it on Facebook and the Internet.  Well congrats ladies, your karaoke selfie video made it on the Internet!

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Video: Charlie Day’s Merrimack College Commencement Address

It’s that time of the year again: graduation.  Quick: think back to your college graduation.  Can you remember who your commencement speaker was?  Chances are you can’t, but don’t feel left out because I can’t remember either.  If you were smart enough to attend one of the more prestigious universities for your undergraduate tenure, then your chances were likely higher of getting a high profile celebrity alumni or guest speaker to deliver your commencement address – that’s exactly what happened yesterday at Merrimack College in Massachusetts (yes, I had to look up where the heck Merrimack College was).  Apparently, the hilarious Mr. Day is a 1998 alumni from Merrimack College, so this isn’t a surprise invite.  Enjoy the entertaining speech, and as always more after the leap!

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5 Most Frustrating Video Gaming Elements of My Childhood (That Naturally Still Piss Me Off Today)

Video games are supposed to be fun, not frustrating.  Challenging sure, but when you’re seven years old and your parents are helping you fill out your first Anger Management class application because you just pushed over your dad’s brand new Zenith television set after activating real-life beast mode, something is wrong.  Blowing in the ends of NES game cartridges to make them work?  That was fun!  Seeing your AOL Internet connection time out just as your engineer in Command & Conquer was about to capture your opponent’s MCV because your family only had one phone line?  Completely not fun – and you know what, it is still frustrating to think about today.  Come to think of it – I can count five of my most frustrating video game moments from my childhood that still irritate the heck out of me, some twenty plus years later.  Some may classify this as a recurring rage problem; I like to call it simply my passion for (un-interrupted, frustration free) gaming.

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Why Nintendo is Struggling with the Average Gamer

Tough to write about Nintendo as a thing of the past. Unfortunately, that’s just what it seems to be.

Sure, we have Zelda, and Mario and Samus, but you know what we don’t have? A console worth buying.

Maybe Nintendo got too cute. Maybe they hit exactly where they aimed. Maybe they’re simply out of touch with the modern gamer.

And in order to make a come back, offense is necessary. Where’s Nintendo’s offense? We’re wondering the same thing. Continue reading “Why Nintendo is Struggling with the Average Gamer”