Curb Your Enthusiasm Video: Greg, the Flamboyant Kid

Curb Your Enthusiasm is one of my all-time favorite comedies.  I was a huge fan of Seinfeld growing up, so Curb was a natural fit; it also took me a few seasons until I discovered that George Costanza’s character on Seinfeld is actually based on Larry’s actual life, which made Curb even funnier since George is one of the best TV characters of all-time, and that’s not up for debate.  With eight incredibly hilarious seasons already in the Curb Your Enthusiasm books, the door is still tentatively open at HBO for Larry to do a ninth, and as a huge fan all I can do is hope.  In the meantime, at least we have reruns and thousands of hilarious Curb Your Enthusiasm videos like the one above – when Larry meets the flamoyant Greg – to keep us entertained!

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Robin Williams Whose Line Is It Anyway Tribute Video

It’s still hard to believe Robin Williams passed away – I think it will be a long, long time before it really sets in for anyone.  Just after I heard late last night, I thought of some of my favorite movies with Robin in it and thought, “man, what a great career he had.”  It wasn’t but a few minutes later as I read the breaking news on his death that I came across about 10+ more hilarious movies that I loved him in that I had completely forgotten about; Robin easily ranks, and will forever rank as one of the funniest human beings ever to walk the planet.  Since he brought so much laughter to everyone, I can’t think of a better way to honor him then by showing some of his best stuff right here on SQ.  Why you may not have caught him on Whose Line Is It Anyway – an excellent show btw – it was of course yet another gem in his insanely hysterical and accomplished career.  You know you’re doing a good job on Whose Line when you’re not only making the audience laugh, but the entire stand-up crew as well.  Enjoy the video, and we miss you already Robin!

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Original Audition Video for The Office Cast, Featuring Seth Rogan as Dwight

You’re not going to believe who tried out for the main cast roles of NBC’s epic comedy The Office.  We’ve already revealed Seth Rogan, but you’re going to have to watch the video to see who else showed up at the audition!  The hilarious thing: the actual cast chosen was perfect, and many to most American television viewers were absolute nobodies at the time.  Must see video!

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It’s Still Always Sunny in Philadelphia Montage Trailer

Can you believe that It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia has been on the air now for nearly 9 years?  I can’t even think of one good show FX aired before Always Sunny debuted, but now they have a metric crap ton of high quality shows, from The Americans to everyone’s favorite, sarcastic spy Archer.  I do vividly remember however seeing the very first trailer for Always Sunny though – well before the show actually launched – and it was just one of those moments where you somehow know – for a damn fact – that whatever it was you just witnessed, be it a show or movie, is going to be legendary.  Kinda like when we all saw the first trailer for the movie Taken.  Yeah. So since it’s Monday, and I just came across this stellar Always Sunny montage trailer, I felt what better way to keep the nostalgia train rolling!

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Funny Orange Is the New Black Pics – Netflix Takes Captioning to an Entirely New Level

My wife – who I love to death – has had June 5th, 2014, carved into her iPhone calendar since probably January of this year, because that was the official release date for the second seasons of Netflix’s latest smash television series, Orange Is the New Black (OITNB for short).  While I have not seen the show before – I never really got into Oz, so why would I like OITNB? – I have started to notice some hilarious caption screenshots around the Internet, so I thought it would be funny to put them all in one place.  That is, of course, if any of you OITNB fans aren’t too busy binge-watching season two.  Hit the link below for the funny OITNB pics, and yes, I guarantee the caption guy/gal at Netflix definitely is getting a raise!

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Throwback Thursday: Jay Leno and David Letterman Pics from 1979

For me it’s really hard to choose between late night television shows, as I think they are all equal parts hilarious.  Leno was always hilarious with his stand-up bit, and who could hate on the Jaywalking bits when he would ask random people on the street questions about US history?  Letterman and Fallon are always pretty funny – although the two have very different styles of comedy – and then there’s Jimmy Kimmel, who I still can’t believe looks the way he does after his Man Show days.  Last but not least we have Mr. Conan O’Brien – maybe the best of the entire bunch – so you can see how tough it is to really decide on watching just one of them.  Regardless, since it is officially Throwback Thursday here at SQ, we decided it would be pretty cool to take a look back – way back to 1979 – and see what some of these gentlemen looked like more than 30 years ago.  Great pictures below!

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Portlandia Trail Blazers Post-Game Speech Video

Off the top of my head I probably have 5-10 television shows that I have always wanted to watch, but simply don’t have the time to actually sit on my fancy fake leather couch and take them in.  Portlandia – an IFC comedy starring former SNL cast member and comedian Fred Armisen – is one of those shows.  While I never thought Fred was the greatest SNL cast member – hey, I’m being honest – every trailer and commercial for Portlandia always made me laugh, and this Portlandia Trail Blazers post-game motivational speech video is no different.  Enjoy the video – more slightly qualified Portlandia thoughts after the link!

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Archer Danger Zone Music Video

I still meet people who have not watched Archer, or maybe a better way to phrase it – I have still met people who haven’t even heard of Archer.  Can you believe it?  What’s that?  You have no idea what show I’m talking about?  Yes, it’s a television show; it airs on FX, and the next season is coming in two months this January.  If you like sarcasm, voice-overs from Saturday Night Live actors (from when that show was actually good), and James Bond-type spy/secret agent stuff, then Archer is right up your alley.  It is absolutely hilarious, and one of my favorites; the next season cannot come soon enough.  As a teaser for the upcoming season, FX just released the hilarious music video spoof you see above from the movie Top Gun’s most-memorable soundtrack tune, Danger Zone.  This is a must-see, and so is Archer this coming January.

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