Original Audition Video for The Office Cast, Featuring Seth Rogan as Dwight

You’re not going to believe who tried out for the main cast roles of NBC’s epic comedy The Office.  We’ve already revealed Seth Rogan, but you’re going to have to watch the video to see who else showed up at the audition!  The hilarious thing: the actual cast chosen was perfect, and many to most American television viewers were absolute nobodies at the time.  Must see video!

Original Audition Video Tapes for The Office Cast

Did any of the other celebrity appearances surprise you?  While these were only small snippets of their full audition videos, it was neat to see some other bigger-name actors give these roles a test run.  While all of them are funny and talented, I don’t think I’d want anyone else in the two main roles played by Michael and Dwight; I also think that when Steve Carell left the show pretty much left with him.

The Office is still one of my all-time favorite comedies – drop us a line below and let us know if you thought any of the celebs should have won their auditions!

Happy Tuesday, and much much more to follow from SQ!

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