First Person in Perth to Buy an iPhone 6 Drops it on Live TV

The Internet is awesome for many a reason, but it is especially cool due to the fact that we get to relish in other people’s epic failures.  Yes, Bob Saget and his America’s Funniest Home Videos pretty much pioneered that idea, but the Internet and it’s fail video following is now so big that even Bob in all of his awesomeness just doesn’t compare.  This morning, as folks pick up their pre-ordered iPhone 6’s around the globe, we have our first iPhone 6 fail video straight out of Perth, Australia.  While all of us here in America expected a kangaroo kicked it out of this guy’s arms – sorry, Australian SQ Nation, it was too easy – the guy was just a retard when he opened the box.  Thankfully, it was in front of the entire line of iPhone 6 customers waiting outside of the store – oh, and the fact that it was on live TV was pretty cool too!

First Person in Perth to Buy an iPhone 6 Drops it on Live TV Fail Video

There’s nothing quite like dropping a few hundred bucks for a new iPhone 6, only to well, drop it and hope to your favorite deity that the thing didn’t shatter.  In this clown’s case, it actually looks like the new phone did crack some, as you can see him rub the left hand side of it, but it’s ultimately too hard to tell.  Regardless, I guarantee he got shamed by the crowd of people waiting in line until he was well out of site in Perth, however, said shaming is obviously going to continue here online for quite some time.  You know, because it’s just what we do – you can thank Bob Saget for that.

Craving more fail videos?  Of course you are!  We have a growing collection of awesome fail videos – just hit that link and you’ll be well on your way.  Thanks for stopping by SQ, and happy Friday folks!

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