Slightly Qualified could be a misnomer. In some areas, we are highly qualified. Raffman beat the Control level in Goldeneye 64 on hard mode more times than I can count. I can pick the appropriate beer for the occasion no matter the situation. It’s my sixth…or even seventh sense.

We stem from a process that took years to achieve. Back in 2005, Raffman and I, through sheer twists of fate, ended up starting a website similar in function yet much nerdier. We still refer back to those times with fond memories, but something didn’t fit. Success came and went, but ultimately we ended shelving the project.

Then after a tour of duty and a teacher tenure process that would make a UFC fighter blush, we pooled our collective experiences and created Slightly Qualified. It appeared that even amidst all the craziness that was the past half-decade, our continued collaboration needed another outlet.

Ultimately, we berthed Slightly Qualified: a website aimed at giving you relevant, important pop culture gaming and entertainment coverage from our points of view. Maybe after averaging our skills we are only slightly qualified. But that’s not going to stop us from reviewing games and film, testing and writing about new and old beers, and covering other important life matters.

So thank you for taking the time to read about Slightly Qualified. This site only is only as important as our readers that stop by – and you are definitely one of them. Unless you have someone peeking over your shoulder…then both of you are awesome.

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  1. Slightly Qualified Co-founder Tebo here. I just bought a dog. His name is Brewser. He’s a terrier mix I picked up from a shelter. His two specialties are lying beside me sleeping while I post and sitting on my lap (he’s a bit big – so it’s kind of awkward) and licking my face while I post.

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