Ninja Warrior Takes on Menacing Water Bottles

While I don’t think anything will ever topple the original Home Shopping Network samurai sword mishap video, this fat kid turned elite ninja warrior taking down water bottles comes darn close.  Yes, that is a pug shirt he is wearing, and you have to bet this ninja uses this video as a pick-up line when he’s out at night with his pals trying to pick up ladies.  Oh, and this video probably works every single time: “So, want to check out my driveway?”

Ninja Warrior Takes on Menacing Water Bottles Funny Video

Personally, I really didn’t think anyone actually bought any of the swords off Home Shopping Network – considering the epic funny video I linked to you above – but maybe I’m way off?  Apparently I guess I need to go into the sword business, because it looks like there’s a market for them.  I think the secret to my future sword business success though will be product bundling: each samurai sword will come pre-packaged with your choice of pug, grey wolf or pack of said canines in epic t-shirt, or even sweatshirt form.  That will equate to billion dollars in sword revenue, and happy ninja warriors everywhere.  If you never see another post here on SQ after today, then you know this business worked.

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