Reporter Charlo Greene Quits on Live TV in Style

Well that’s certainly a unique way to go out.  Charlo Greene, a reporter out of KTVA News Alaska, recently decided to throw in the professional towel and quit on live television – except she decided to take a more unique way to put in her two weeks.  This video is short and sweet folks, but if you’re in the office I would recommend turning your speakers down to low volume so that way Lumbergh won’t hear ya.  Speaking of Lumbergh –

Reporter Charlo Green Quits on Live TV in Style (And with an F-Bomb)

Raise your hand if you thought of Office Space when you watched this awesome video?  I instantly thought of Michael filleting a fish on his desk, or playing Tetris at his computer while he eats Cheeze Ballz instead of working.  But in all seriousness, this video does really make you wonder about the background here that led to this.  Was it a bad boss?  Maybe.  Did she already have a new job lined up?  I would hope so, because if employers see this crazy outburst on live television, it will be incredibly hard to land another job – at least in the near future.  Heck, now that I think about it, she’s pretty much guaranteed never to get another news anchor or reporter job ever again based on the video, so she must have known she would never come back to the industry, and she likely had another job already lined up.  I just don’t think she planned on the virality that this video has already generated.  Oops.

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