First Person in Perth to Buy an iPhone 6 Drops it on Live TV

The Internet is awesome for many a reason, but it is especially cool due to the fact that we get to relish in other people’s epic failures.  Yes, Bob Saget and his America’s Funniest Home Videos pretty much pioneered that idea, but the Internet and it’s fail video following is now so big that even Bob in all of his awesomeness just doesn’t compare.  This morning, as folks pick up their pre-ordered iPhone 6’s around the globe, we have our first iPhone 6 fail video straight out of Perth, Australia.  While all of us here in America expected a kangaroo kicked it out of this guy’s arms – sorry, Australian SQ Nation, it was too easy – the guy was just a retard when he opened the box.  Thankfully, it was in front of the entire line of iPhone 6 customers waiting outside of the store – oh, and the fact that it was on live TV was pretty cool too!

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Super Bad Mario Video

When I first came across this video, I thought the talented creator Pastek was going to go the Superbad movie route based on the name.  While I was wrong on the video direction – this awesome funny retro Mario video is actually about Mario instigating some hilarious fails – the video is still excellent, and still a must see for your Thursday morning.  While you may have seen some of the original fail footage in this film, it doesn’t matter – this video will have you laughing continuously!

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Epic Family Feud Fast Money Fail Video

I have watched a lot of Family Feud over the course of my 31 years – I still think it is one of the better game shows out there – but I have never seen an epic fail like this one.  While you may have a good idea on what happens here, I guarantee you will still be surprised at the very end – I would explain what I am getting at, but then I would just be giving it away, wouldn’t I?  Don’t miss this absolutely epic Family Feud fail video!

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Syrian War Video: Rebel Fighter’s Insane Close Call with Tracer Rounds

You know, I would have to think that when one joins up with a rebel militia or local insurgency, that said recruit will most likely not receive all that much proper military training.  Sure, I would wager a substantial amount of the rebel force in Syria already had military experience on their resumes, but I would also bet that the gentlemen in this video – the one with the creative, Frankenstein-rises firing position – came in with zero.  Lesson 1: what’s the difference between cover and concealment?  Answer, and more face palm analysis from this crazy Syrian War firefight after the jump.

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Fail Video: ESPN Anchor Makes Entire Soccer Community Facepalm

I’m not going to beat around the notional bush here: I like soccer, and I would love to attend an actual football game with 100,000+ other screaming, drunk fans at some point in my life across the pond, but I don’t follow the European leagues or the MLS here in the States.  Don’t get me wrong: soccer is an awesome game, and I even played it basically all throughout high school, but basketball is my favorite sport.  That being said, if I were a SportsCenter news anchor, I would have at least made sure I knew what the heck I was about to be talking about on national television, something this fail-worthy anchor completely, well, failed to do.

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Selfie Fail Video: Iranian Women Crash Car During Karaoke Selfie

Oh the things people will risk just to take a cool selfie video – like stand six inches away from a speeding freight train only to get kicked in the face, or like in today’s edition, crash their car and probably injuring/killing themselves, and people around them just because they wanted their selfie video to make it on Facebook and the Internet.  Well congrats ladies, your karaoke selfie video made it on the Internet!

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Fail Video: Kid Sings Let it Go

If you’ve seen the latest Disney animated movie “Frozen”, then you most likely have heard the Oscar Award winning song “Let It Go”.  If you’re that guy/gal that’s jamming out to it on the freeway on your way to work every morning, then that’s a different story; we recommend you find help on that little issue as soon as possible.  Anyway, this epic fail video will definitely entertain you whether you’ve seen Frozen or not, because it is just plain awesome.  I don’t want to spoil it, so just watch it – as in right now.

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