Fail Video: Kid Sings Let it Go

If you’ve seen the latest Disney animated movie “Frozen”, then you most likely have heard the Oscar Award winning song “Let It Go”.  If you’re that guy/gal that’s jamming out to it on the freeway on your way to work every morning, then that’s a different story; we recommend you find help on that little issue as soon as possible.  Anyway, this epic fail video will definitely entertain you whether you’ve seen Frozen or not, because it is just plain awesome.  I don’t want to spoil it, so just watch it – as in right now.

Kid Sings Let it Go Fail Video

Now be honest, who saw that giant snot rocket coming?  We’ve all done it as kids – some of us more than others – and that’s why it makes this fail video so priceless.  Sure the kid is goofy and awkward to begin with, which would have made this video decent alone, but the snot rocket just took it over the top.

This is one of those funny videos that you will likely watch three, four or even five times – I’m on number six already!  For all our fail videos here at SQ just hit up our video tags: fail videos and funny videos!

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