Crazy Orange County Police Car Chase Video

While this is technically an “oldie” in terms of Internet viral videos, it was new to me so chances are it will be new to most of SQ Nation as well.  Who doesn’t love a good car chase, especially one where the fleeing driver is evading Anaheim police in a freaking Kia Soul?  Yes, you read that correctly: not a new Camero, nor a BMW M3 – a Kia Soul.  You know, that tiny, toaster-shaped Kia SUV that annoyed the heck out of the entire world with that stupid commercial of the mice driving and jamming out to “Party Rock”?  Yeah, I just got the chills thinking about it again too – sorry about that.  Watch this video – it’s one of the best car chases not involving a white Bronco that I’ve ever seen, and the end features a nice surprise!

Crazy Orange County Police Car Chase Video

Alright folks, time to raise your hands: who thought there was a woman behind the wheel of that Soul?  Be honest – I guarantee most of you assumed that some crazy guy was behind it, but nope – surprise!  For those of you who live/used to live out in Anaheim, I’d love to read the actual news report/police report from this car chase, mainly to see what the heck this lady did that started the crazy chase in the first place (I’m a poet and I totally know it).  So to my California-SQ’ers, that means you – get to work.  Seriously, you know where to find me (use the comments below)!

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