Throwback Thursday: Brett Favre’s 1991 NFL Draft Day Photo

Now this is a classic photo of Brett Favre, and just the awesomeness that was 1991! Although I am a devout Chicago Bears fan – Brett Favre always destroyed Da Bears on the football field – I just so happen to be in the vicinity of where Brett Favre destroyed the college football record books in Hattiesburg, MS, or more specifically the University of Southern Miss.  While I despise the Green Bay Packers, I am man enough to lay down the facts that Brett Favre was absolutely incredible – maybe the best quarterback of all time – and Jay Cutler, as good as he is for my Bears, simply doesn’t even come close.  Plus, Favre was hilarious in There’s Something About Mary, so in all honesty how could I really hate the guy?  But enough with the small talk; hit the link below for a stellar Throwback Thursday photo of Brett Favre getting the NFL Draft phone call from 1991, complete with rolled jeans, short shorts (fellas … why?), and red Solo beer cups.

Brett Favre’s 1991 NFL Draft Day Photo at USM

If you’re not old enough to remember the 90’s – I sadly recall most of the 80’s – than you likely only saw Mr. Favre play at the end of his NFL career, or maybe not even at all.  Well now you get to see a photo of him before he even step foot in the NFL!

Brett Favre 1991 Draft Day Picture -

Rolled jorts, way-too short shorts on the gentlemen, classic Sharpied-white tees – I could go on and on, but how about that awesome cordless telephone Brett is sporting?  Oh, and if that made you laugh, check out the ginormous, shoulder-loaded “Clark Griswald” family video camera in the back left!  Oh 1991 I miss you – well no I don’t.  The only thing I really miss about 1991 is Michael Jordan and the fact that we were about to see a basketball dynasty begin – the rolled jorts, not so much.

Enjoy the hilarious Throwback Thursday pic of #4, and if you are looking for more funny pictures here at SQ, look no further than our official funny pics site tag – we’re always throwing more good ones up!

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