Syrian War Video: Rebel Fighter’s Insane Close Call with Tracer Rounds

You know, I would have to think that when one joins up with a rebel militia or local insurgency, that said recruit will most likely not receive all that much proper military training.  Sure, I would wager a substantial amount of the rebel force in Syria already had military experience on their resumes, but I would also bet that the gentlemen in this video – the one with the creative, Frankenstein-rises firing position – came in with zero.  Lesson 1: what’s the difference between cover and concealment?  Answer, and more face palm analysis from this crazy Syrian War firefight after the jump.

Syrian War Video: Fighter’s Insane Close Call with Tracer Rounds

To finish up that quick lesson – for Mr. Frankenstein in the video, if he’s still alive – the difference between cover and concealment is not only easy to understand, but it’s extremely important.  Cover can provide you with concealment, while concealment alone does not provide cover: you can have the meanest looking war paint on your face, and blend in to your environment completely with a properly camouflaged ghillie suit, but neither the paint or the brush in your ghillie suit are going to stop a rock thrown at you, let alone a 7.62 round.

So what in the world was this guy thinking?  If I’m on the other side of this firefight, the giant mounds of dirt that most of the rebels are firing from would stand out immediately – not just because I’m receiving fire from those positions, but because giant mounds of loose dirt are going to stand out as not ordinary, unless I somehow managed to get into a firefight with giant, alien ants – but it also wouldn’t take long to notice one shooter outside of those covered positions who, like a dumb ass, keeps firing from the same spot.  He may think the Frankenstein-raise, shoot and lower is winning the day, but it sure didn’t take long for those tracer rounds to zero in on his position, or more specifically his head.

This is just crazy footage coming out of Syria – I know I’ve been posting mostly Afghanistan combat videos (they’re well received, what can I say?), but now I’m going to have to branch out and hunt down some more high quality footage from the Syrian conflict.


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