FedEx Commercial: We’ve All Been Here Before (Or Are Now)

Commercials like this are why recordable TV exists. I watched this three times before I even remembered I was watching something else entirely.

The face this guy makes when the garage door opens is priceless. We’ve all tried to look above our means, but watching this guy’s downfall unravel in front of him is nothing short of spectacular. And when it happens – you’ll laugh. And then by the third viewing you just start to feel sorry for the guy.

FedEx Commercial: We’ve All Been Here Before (Or Are Now)

In fact, when the commercial starts and he begins talking, you equate him with every business exec who looks like s/he didn’t work very hard to get where s/he is. And you begin to loathe him, stat. Then the garage door goes up, and it’s like watching a puppy get its first bath. Just pure sympathy for the chap from then on.

Not to mention, look at his wife’s body language. She’s clearly fed up (pun quasi-intended) and just starts talking over him. She glares at him and just puts him even further in his place. Solid work FedEx. SQ Nation approves.

EDIT: After a fifth viewing, doesn’t the guy holding the FedEx envelope look like Stuart Scott’s little brother?

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