FedEx Commercial: We’ve All Been Here Before (Or Are Now)

Commercials like this are why recordable TV exists. I watched this three times before I even remembered I was watching something else entirely.

The face this guy makes when the garage door opens is priceless. We’ve all tried to look above our means, but watching this guy’s downfall unravel in front of him is nothing short of spectacular. And when it happens – you’ll laugh. And then by the third viewing you just start to feel sorry for the guy.

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MLB 13 The Show with Buster Posey

Playstation has the best commercials, period.  Kevin Butler carried the Sony flag for a while, and has some priceless commercials that are still funny to watch on YouTube.  This new guy Sony has plugged into its new MLB 13 The Show commercials is arguably just as good with what we’ve seen so far; I am definitely looking forward to more commercials with this guy in the future!

My favorite quote: “You’re a video game.”