Humble Beginnings: Carell and Colbert do Even Stevphen

Comedy Central, some years ago, righted a sinking ship in The Daily Show by hiring Jon Stewart. Turning political speak into punchlines received better than expected attention, and Stewart was on the road to becoming what appeared to be a political voice surging through the muck and mire of American politics.

Both Steve Carell and Stephen Colbert were brought on as reporters and comedic acts, and due to the success of the show, and themselves, they started gaining national attention too. So much that Colbert earned his own segment, The Colbert Report, that aired after The Daily Show. While Carell didn’t follow suit, he launched his acting career.

Humble Beginnings: Carell and Colbert do Even Stevphen

But before both of these two exploded onto the scene, they formed a satirical duo with Even Stevphen. They took opposing viewpoints and argued against each other, a lot of the time underhandedly and wholly condescendingly.

There are plenty more of these archived on Youtube, and the more they did the funnier they got. SQ loves both The Daily Show and The Colbert Report, but the Even Stevphen skits will remain our favorite three minutes of television that week.


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