Awesome Watch Dogs Review

If you enjoyed the recent Duke Nukem Forever review we posted earlier this month, then wait until you read this hilarious one for Watch Dogs, which is the brand new open world action game that just everybody in the gaming industry is talking about.  Hit the link below for the full review – you’ll be glad you did!

Awesome Watch Dogs Review 

If you are new to SQ Nation, then you probably aren’t aware of our sincere appreciation for sarcasm and good humor.  If you are an SQ regular, then you surely clicked on this funny Watch Dogs review in gleeful anticipation knowing damn well what to expect.  Without further adieu, I present  probably the greatest (and shortest?) Watch Dogs review that you will read over the next month – linkage to an actual, respected review after the pic:

Funny Quick Watch Dogs Review - Funny Pics, Funny Video Game Pics

If I had to wager, I would bet the mortgage that Kerry and Tehpogo are related – or they have the same English teacher.  Regardless, I would hire both of them if I were starting up my own video game review establishment, although since we have been known to venture into video game reviews here at SQ, perhaps I should start putting together some offer letters!

All jokes and sarcasm aside, if you’re looking for a legitimate review for Watch Dogs, then hit up our friends over at Low Fat Gaming.  I hope you all had a brat-and-burger filled Memorial Day weekend – stay tuned for more sarcastic content, and enjoy your Tuesday!

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