Humble Beginnings: Carell and Colbert do Even Stevphen

Comedy Central, some years ago, righted a sinking ship in The Daily Show by hiring Jon Stewart. Turning political speak into punchlines received better than expected attention, and Stewart was on the road to becoming what appeared to be a political voice surging through the muck and mire of American politics.

Both Steve Carell and Stephen Colbert were brought on as reporters and comedic acts, and due to the success of the show, and themselves, they started gaining national attention too. So much that Colbert earned his own segment, The Colbert Report, that aired after The Daily Show. While Carell didn’t follow suit, he launched his acting career. Continue reading “Humble Beginnings: Carell and Colbert do Even Stevphen”

The Secret Lives of Dorks Movie Trailer

What will you be doing eleven days from now?  In just about a week and a half, a new high school comedy (yes, another one) will be hitting movie theaters, and just might turn out to be one of those diamonds in the rough.  The flick is called “The Secret Lives of Dorks”, and while you’ll probably have to Google the main cast, it does feature Jennifer Tilly, Mike Ditka (da Bears!), and the Jim Belushi.  I will tell you this: if you put a Belushi in a comedy film, I will seriously consider throwing down a few Lincolns at the theater to watch it on the big screen.  On top of that, and probably more importantly, the trailer actually made me laugh.  Enjoy the trailer, and hit the link below for our slightly qualified reaction and comments below!

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The Ben Show: Gangsta Granny Auditions Video

I have never seen The Ben Show before on Comedy Central, but this video has got me intrigued to try and catch the next episode.  This may very well be fake or staged, but I guarandamntee you the grandma at about the 59 second mark will make you pee your pants.  Well maybe not that extreme, but she will make you laugh.  Enjoy the Gangsta Granny Auditions; I’m off to find more clips from The Ben Show!

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