Fail Video: ESPN Anchor Makes Entire Soccer Community Facepalm

I’m not going to beat around the notional bush here: I like soccer, and I would love to attend an actual football game with 100,000+ other screaming, drunk fans at some point in my life across the pond, but I don’t follow the European leagues or the MLS here in the States.  Don’t get me wrong: soccer is an awesome game, and I even played it basically all throughout high school, but basketball is my favorite sport.  That being said, if I were a SportsCenter news anchor, I would have at least made sure I knew what the heck I was about to be talking about on national television, something this fail-worthy anchor completely, well, failed to do.

Fail Video: ESPN SportsCenter Anchor Soccer Fail Video

Was that not just embarrassing?  You would expect something like that out of a local news cast, but not SportsCenter, which has won countless awards.  Do you think Lisa Kerney – the SportsCenter anchor that hit the fail button in this video – actually prepped for this, and just forgot/blanked out when it was game time?  I would definitely give her the benefit of the doubt and think that was the case, but it is a possibility that she just thought she could wing it.  I know we all have had that moment in school where we forgot to prepare a speech, then wung it and knocked it out of the freaking park, but then again none of my PowerPoint presentations ever made it on ESPN in front of a live national audience!

If you’re looking for more great videos, then we’ve got your next year or two covered with plenty of fail videos and funny videos in our ginormous video archives.  I doubt we’ll find too many SportsCenter fail videos, but this sure was an epic one!  More content coming all Memorial Day weekend long!  Stay classy SQ!

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  1. Wow she just have up halfway through. There’s something to be said for perseverance. Then again, she had less of a clue what was going on than Towelie after a smoke session.

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