Kicked in the Head by a Train Video

If you’ve got 11 seconds of free time before you head home from work or school today, then you need to watch this outstanding video of  a guy who let his awesome haircut get a little too close to an oncoming freight train.  You don’t have to be a genius or hold a PHD in physics to figure out how much force someone on a speeding freight train could kick someone standing off to the side with (hello concussion), but at least it’s entertaining!  I think this pretty much sums up the whole “selfies have gone too far” case; a selfie in front of a speeding freaking freight train?  Wow, cool idea man – yeah, go for it.

Kicked in the Head by a Train Video

You know what my first question was after I watched this the first time?  What are the odds that the guy who kicked this dude in in the head was the train’s conductor?  I mean come on, it was a freight train, so it could have been a joyriding college kid or a homeless person, but there aren’t that many people on freight trains – at least there’s not supposed to be.

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