Poland Prepping for World War Three

Okay, so the post title for this video may have been slightly misleading, but you won’t be disappointed.  Apparently America is not the only country with pyros, as I can confirm that Poland officially has at least four.  Well, maybe only two if that one guy didn’t survive the back blast.  More thoughts after the jump!

Poland Testing New Weapons in Poland Streets

How many times have we seen these videos of American teenagers doing crap like this in the streets?  What I find hilarious is that these videos just never seem to get old; the fact that it’s in a language I don’t understand just makes it that much more enjoyable!

Enjoy the fireworks and loss of eyebrows – for more funny videos just hit up our official funny videos tag, as we are always adding more to keep the four of you who actually frequent this site entertained.  Okay I lied, it’s only three people.

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