Contact With ET Made in Arkansas

You know that moment: you’re walking down the street, or strolling into your office’s conference room to meet the new Grainger sales dude only to do a completely-obvious double take with the person’s face – either he/she was the ugliest son of a gun you’ve ever seen, and/or it was a Tommy Boy, chicken wing dinner moment: “Oh my god, what happened to your face!?” We’ve all been there, and in all honesty it can be hard to prevent because it is just so automatic.  Well do I have one of those moments for you, my faithful SQ Nation.  Who remembers the awesome, old school movie E.T. from the early 80’s?  I do – that’s when I first heard of Reese’s Pieces – and the funny pic below I thought was just priceless.  Thanks to the Internet, this real-life ET won’t notice you spit your coffee out all over her face, I mean computer screen.

Real Life ET Woman in Arkansas Funny Pic

Okay so I just guessed on the Arkansas location, but I’m sure someone out there in SQ Nation can drill down and figure out exactly where this priceless funny photo was taken.  Is that not a spot-on resemblance or what?

Real Life ET Lady Funny Picture -

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to my local gas station to track down some of my own Reese’s Pieces!  For all of our funny pictures here at SQ, just meander on over to our official funny pics site tag – we are always adding to our high quality inventory!

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