Contact With ET Made in Arkansas

Contact Made with ET in Arkansas -

You know that moment: you’re walking down the street, or strolling into your office’s conference room to meet the new Grainger sales dude only to do a completely-obvious double take with the person’s face – either he/she was the ugliest son of a gun you’ve ever seen, and/or it was a Tommy Boy, chicken wing dinner moment: “Oh my god, what happened to your face!?” We’ve all been there, and in all honesty it can be hard to prevent because it is just so automatic.  Well do I have one of those moments for you, my faithful SQ Nation.  Who remembers the awesome, old school movie E.T. from the early 80’s?  I do – that’s when I first heard of Reese’s Pieces – and the funny pic below I thought was just priceless.  Thanks to the Internet, this real-life ET won’t notice you spit your coffee out all over her face, I mean computer screen.

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Hilarious Southwest Airlines Flight Attendant Safety Speech Video

If you’re like me and travel just about every week for work, then you have probably heard the token flight attendant safety speech and demonstration so many times you could say it entirely verbatim in your sleep.  I personally prefer the Tommy Boy rendition (“he’s a big, dumb animal folks!”), but this Southwest Airlines flight attendant did an awesome job that would make even me put down my iPhone or book to listen!  Word on the Internet comment street is that she staged this to try and get on the Ellen show and/or The Tonight Show, and with this many video views I would say she’s got a great shot.

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