Hilarious Southwest Airlines Flight Attendant Safety Speech Video

If you’re like me and travel just about every week for work, then you have probably heard the token flight attendant safety speech and demonstration so many times you could say it entirely verbatim in your sleep.  I personally prefer the Tommy Boy rendition (“he’s a big, dumb animal folks!”), but this Southwest Airlines flight attendant did an awesome job that would make even me put down my iPhone or book to listen!  Word on the Internet comment street is that she staged this to try and get on the Ellen show and/or The Tonight Show, and with this many video views I would say she’s got a great shot.

Hilarious Southwest Airlines Safety Speech Video

Was that not stellar or what?  I almost always fly United, just to keep racking up frequent flyer miles in one airline, but I have almost always had good experiences when I’ve flown Southwest.  Their only ding in my opinion is how they board the airplane; other than that though their cheap fares are hard to beat – plus if you get this kind of safety demonstration, why would you fly any other airline?

Enjoy the hilarious flight attendant safety speech video, and when she gets on The Tonight Show we will gladly post the interview with Jimmy Fallon! For more great funny videos just check out SQ’s official funny video tag – we’re always adding more!

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