Behind the Scenes at National Geographic

Every wonder what it was like to work as a National Geographic photographer?  I mean come on, you get to travel the world and see places 99% of the human race will never get to see.  What could be cooler than seeing the world?  Well, I can only imagine what the legal fine print would read at the bottom of every National Geographic job application from their HR department; it’s probably longer than most novels – especially when you’re out on some of the more “austere” locations with wildlife that may or may not be so friendly.  Whether or not the full photo below is real or fake, it will surely generate some laughs.

Behind the Scenes at National Geographic

National Geographic Photographers Run From Black Bear Picture -

Where are my Photoshop experts at?  As someone who has fished in many a Bear-riddled neighborhood (Wisconsin, Northern Minnesota, and even a fly-in fishing trip to Canada – God I love me some LaBatt Blue), the rule for fishing, operating or simply living in bear territory is a simple one: you just have to be able to outrun one person in your group.  If you’re alone, well, I hope your name is Usain Bolt, because you’re going to need those PF Flyers to outrun a bear.

Again, real or fake, this is a great funny picture that made my day.  You know that big ginger in the cargo shorts is the one being targeted; he may be temporarily ahead of the short guy that fell over, but you know Mr. Bear is always going to super-size his meal when he has the chance.

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