Before Game of Thrones Was Cool, It Was Shannara

Although this Marine’s biological clock will strike 31 years of age next month, I am still a science fiction enthusiast and will be until the day I die.  Outside of the awesomeness that was Star Wars growing up in the late 80’s and early 90’s (VHS!), my first jump into the fantasy side of the sci-fi realm (I consider them together) was Terry Brooks’ Shannara book series.  Although Mr. Brooks (not the evil Kevin Costner Mr. Brooks) first began with the epic Sword of Shannara in 1977, I jumped into the land of Shannara with the last, and in my opinion best book of his four-title “Heritage of Shannara” mini-series, The Talismans of Shannara, which was released in 1993.  While I couldn’t give you a stronger, more enthusiastic endorsement or recommendation to pick up the Shannara series (you will not be able to put them down), I just find it hilarious that everyone and their mothers are now obsessed with Game of Thrones. Am I alone on this, or does anyone else just feel like it’s just the new hip thing to watch and talk about at work on Monday mornings? Hit the link below for more soapbox thoughts.

 Before Game of Thrones It Was Shannara

Let me set the record straight here before I get bombarded by hate mail from the six of you reading this: I actually really like Game of Thrones, but I am way behind on my seasons.  I started watching season one as it debuted, and loved it, but only got about halfway through the season before I moved out of my apartment and haven’t renewed my HBO subscription since.  Nevertheless, I do plan on getting caught up with the series, and hopefully sooner rather than later.  That’s the truth – so please spare me the email.


While the Shannara book series was only one of a gazillion fantasy book series to hit store shelves before Game of Thrones did in 1996, it finally is starting to pick up steam now as this past December MTV formally announced that it is bringing the the world of Shannara to the masses, and it has placed Jon Favreau at the helm as director!  How awesome is that?  Terry Brooks is thrilled at the new series, which will begin with The Elfstones of Shannara plot line, and I think the fact that MTV is running with it is brilliant, as the series will get to reach every teenager in the world who probably have never heard of any fantasy book, series or movie outside of Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings.  Although there hasn’t been much else released about the new Shannara television series, I will definitely keep a good pulse on the project and relay any/all information as it gets released.

And once again, my SQ faithful, if you like Game of Thrones or are even just looking for a great new book to read, look no further than the Shannara series – you will not be disappointed.  Maybe the best part: there are about 1,000,000 less characters and families to keep up with, and that right there is a good thing.

More Shannara news as it drops!  For my SQ’ers who already have the Shannara series on their book shelves, what was your favorite book and character?  You already know my favorite book (Talismans), but my character is an easy choice as well: Walker Boh.  Or if you want to go by his informal character name, Walker Motherfucking Boh.  He just puts any other hero to shame, doesn’t he?


/images courtesy of The Shannara Book Series by Terry Brooks.

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  1. Withoutgoing back through the entire series, I’d have to say my favourite character was Panamon Creel. Favourite scene is him keeping the gnome Orl Fane bewildered, just before the battle with the Skullbearer, as he seems both empathetic and menacing in turns, all the while maintaining a reassuring smile. He then becomes a ruthlessly efficient killer confronting the Skullbearer. The very personification of land-pirate.

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