SIU: Home of the City-Wide Drinking Game

Since I’m on the topic of colleges (see the epic IU Wheel of Fortune fail here!), why not touch on my undergraduate alma mater, SIU, or Southern Illinois University for all those who were thinking Southern Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, or well, I think that’s all of the “I” states, which just made the news headlines for what else – partying.  If you’re from Chicago, then you are probably well aware of SIU’s party-school history, as it routinely made Playboy’s Top Party School’s list back in the 70’s, when riots were the norm.  Although the party scene has definitely toned down since the 70’s, and even the epic Halloween bashes of the late 90’s, early 2000’s (I attended from 2001-2005), SIU has always had a much better “social scene” than the majority of the other universities in Illinois.  Well, with the video above as evidence, apparently the current generation is doing their best to get back to our party school standings that we held in the 70’s, as this past weekend was the annual “city-wide” drinking game in Carbondale, IL, where the school is located.  Yes, you read that correctly – city freaking wide.  More after the jump.

SIU: Home of the City-Wide Drinking Game

While the local Carbondale newscast doesn’t provide much footage on what the actual parties entailed, it did make me laugh when they said that most students used bicycles to get around from station to station.  I can only imagine what the streets look like at the end of the night, especially down on college, cherry, etc: I would expect to see burning couches – or just about any piece of burning furniture – and lots and lots of passed out people in just about every front yard.  Mr. Fleming, the fine gentlemen interviewed at the end of the video, may very well be one of those individuals – I just hope he locks his bike up before he lays down for his evening, outdoor power nap!

For my Saluki readers that were there and/or participated – post your pictures of the city-wide drinking game below!  Go Dawgs!

May 25th, 2014 update: Video link had to be switched out:  Click here to watch the video!


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