Indiana University Student = Worst Wheel of Fortune Contestant Ever

Wheel of Fortune is not really my go-to, late afternoon television game show; that slot still belongs to the legendary Family Fued, and Mr. Steve Harvey (although all the hosts have been great; Mr. Peterson was my favorite).  What you are about to see above though, ladies and gentlemen, is a recent “college edition” episode of Wheel of Fortune which just so happened to showcase the most epic Wheel of Fortune fail I think has ever occurred.  Isn’t Indiana University supposed to be one of those “really good” schools?  This is one of those must-see fail videos folks – watch it now.  Seriously – right now.

IU Student Wheel of Fortune Fail Video

You know it’s a fail of epic proportions when Pat Sajak cannot even look in the IU student contestant’s direction – let alone his eye – after that epic, epic fail.  On the other hand it has been funny seeing all of my Aggie friends (I was in the Marine Corps, and now I work in the oil field – do the math) go crazy over this, as it’s yet another easy chance to throw a solid jab at everything that is the Big 10.  Can you imagine when this guy goes to his first few job interviews after he graduates from IU (assuming he does)?  This awkward fail will follow this guy for years – it gave us a great laugh though, that’s for sure!

More great fail videos to follow!

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