Contact With ET Made in Arkansas

Contact Made with ET in Arkansas -

You know that moment: you’re walking down the street, or strolling into your office’s conference room to meet the new Grainger sales dude only to do a completely-obvious double take with the person’s face – either he/she was the ugliest son of a gun you’ve ever seen, and/or it was a Tommy Boy, chicken wing dinner moment: “Oh my god, what happened to your face!?” We’ve all been there, and in all honesty it can be hard to prevent because it is just so automatic.  Well do I have one of those moments for you, my faithful SQ Nation.  Who remembers the awesome, old school movie E.T. from the early 80’s?  I do – that’s when I first heard of Reese’s Pieces – and the funny pic below I thought was just priceless.  Thanks to the Internet, this real-life ET won’t notice you spit your coffee out all over her face, I mean computer screen.

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