Brian Williams Raps Gin and Juice Video

In case you missed The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon last night, we’re here to bring you up to speed with possibly the funniest thing Brian Williams has ever done on television (okay technically this is just an epic montage, but you know what I mean).  I have no idea how long this video took to compile – months? – but the end result, Brian Williams rapping the fabled “Gin and Juice”, is just simply awesomeness wrapped up into a 71 second funny video.  Yes, he’s been great on his 30 Rock cameo appearances, but this Gin and Juice rap video now takes the cake – don’t pass this one up!

Brian Williams Raps Gin and Juice Video

Most folks thought Mr. Fallon would have no problem taking the reins from Jay Leno, but he is arguably outdoing his predecessor entirely – which sure has to irk one of my late night favorites, Conan O’Brien.  Regardless, I think all of them are hilarious, although I rarely get to actually watch them when they air at night.

What are your thoughts – not just on Mr. Williams’ epic Gin and Juice rap video performance – but on the state of late night television in general?  What about David Letterman calling it quits next year – he’s always had his own style of humor, but is in my opinion right there with Conan and the rest.

Enjoy the Gin and Juice, and hit up our funny videos tag for even more time-wasting goodness!


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