Selfie Fail Video: Iranian Women Crash Car During Karaoke Selfie

Oh the things people will risk just to take a cool selfie video – like stand six inches away from a speeding freight train only to get kicked in the face, or like in today’s edition, crash their car and probably injuring/killing themselves, and people around them just because they wanted their selfie video to make it on Facebook and the Internet.  Well congrats ladies, your karaoke selfie video made it on the Internet!

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Kicked in the Head by a Train Video

If you’ve got 11 seconds of free time before you head home from work or school today, then you need to watch this outstanding video of  a guy who let his awesome haircut get a little too close to an oncoming freight train.  You don’t have to be a genius or hold a PHD in physics to figure out how much force someone on a speeding freight train could kick someone standing off to the side with (hello concussion), but at least it’s entertaining!  I think this pretty much sums up the whole “selfies have gone too far” case; a selfie in front of a speeding freaking freight train?  Wow, cool idea man – yeah, go for it.

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