UH-1Y Huey Minigun and Rockets in Slow Motivating Motion

If you’re soul is searching for some much needed Monday morning motivation before you have to face Lumbergh – or maybe the company 1stSgt -, then look no further than the epicness that is the UH-1Y Huey aerial arsenal.  Firing up to 6,000 rounds per minute, the Huey’s minigun literally lights up the sky at night with rounds pouring down so quickly it looks like spiraling lasers, and the rocket system?  That’s not too shabby either.  They are even more motivating when you watch them in slow-motion; enjoy the video and hit the link below for more commentary!

UH-1Y Huey Minigun and Rockets Video in Slow Motivation Motion

So who wants to be a Marine Corps Huey pilot or crew chief after watching this awesome video?  While I was down on the ground (0203), had I attempted to go the pilot route I probably would have listed the Huey as my top choice on the rotor side – the Vietnam flavor of the Huey, with all its storied history, would have been too cool to pass up.  Yeah the Cobra/Super Cobra is pure awesomeness as well – it packs infinitely more firepower than the Huey – but there’s just something about the Huey that I’m drawn too.

For all our perspective Marines out there – since this question is bound to come up – you have to become an officer if you want to be a Marine pilot.  You most definitely can go enlisted however and be the tail gunner, crew chief etc, but if you want to fly then you’ll have to finish college.

Oh and one last note about this awesome airstrike video (hit the link folks, because we’ve got lots more): it appears, especially at the end, that this video is just from an aerial training range, and not in Afghanistan.  Our hints come at the end of the slow-motion video in which we see actual roads, and a Marine in regular cammies and no gloves.  Regardless, awesome moto video which will surely make your transition to TPS reports here in a couple hours that much more enjoyable!

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