Moral of the Story: Pick Your Battles (This Guy Does Not)

Every now and then you watch a video and just shake your head. This…this is that time.

What happens is the reporter catches a motorcyclist exiting on an on ramp. Illegal? Yes. The worst thing in the world. No. Potentially lethal? Yes. So, he shouldn’t have done it, but he did.

What you won’t think will happen is that the motorcyclist would park, dismount his bike, then proceed to harass the reporter and film crew. However, the cyclist does this, and then the video gets really entertaining.

Just listen to the reporter – this guy has panache. Not only is he not phased, he’s laughing to himself that he’s even involved with this guy. The reporter is cool, calm and collected. The cyclist is not.

Spoiler alert: how does it end? Well, the cyclist would have gotten away with driving the wrong way down an exit if he would have just drove off and not confronted the reporter. Alas, he does, and he gets arrested for driving with a suspended license and about three other citations. Bike impounded; He goes to jail.


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