Video: Charlie Day’s Merrimack College Commencement Address

It’s that time of the year again: graduation.  Quick: think back to your college graduation.  Can you remember who your commencement speaker was?  Chances are you can’t, but don’t feel left out because I can’t remember either.  If you were smart enough to attend one of the more prestigious universities for your undergraduate tenure, then your chances were likely higher of getting a high profile celebrity alumni or guest speaker to deliver your commencement address – that’s exactly what happened yesterday at Merrimack College in Massachusetts (yes, I had to look up where the heck Merrimack College was).  Apparently, the hilarious Mr. Day is a 1998 alumni from Merrimack College, so this isn’t a surprise invite.  Enjoy the entertaining speech, and as always more after the leap!

Charlie Day Merrimack College Commencement Address Video

As a huge fan of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Charlie Day is probably my favorite character.  Maybe its his high-pitched screams, or the fact that he looks/acts like quite a few of my friends (or just like a normal person), but he really is the center of that show – more than DeVito or any of his cast members.

That being said, it is still weird for some reason to see Charlie out of his Always Sunny character – but only for about 10 seconds before his speech begins.  After that you quickly realize it’s the same old Charlie Day, except this time he’s wearing a graduation gown – which is not a prop.

Overall I thought the speech was excellent – my favorite line?  When he stated that he “has made a living pretending to eat cat food.” That right there is the real Charlie Day – graduation speeches don’t get much cooler than that.

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