Old Sprite Commercial Never Disappoints

I think one of the hardest things to do in film is to scream and mean it. Countless times a teenage girl screams in an action movie and we’re not that sold. Or a killer is on the loose and he screams at his victims just before he kills them: contrived.

But every so often we get a good one. Remember Marv fromĀ Home Alone? McCauley Caulkin puts a tarantula on his head during the home invasion. Pretty sure I haven’t seen a better scream since.


Old Sprite Commercial Never Disappoints

At the :24 mark, the mother of two airs her lungs and releases a divine wind of “Run!” Could you imagine being on the casting set when actresses were trying out? Maybe the only thing funnier than the end product would have been the screams those women were releasing.

This lady pulls it off in spades. In fact, the entire commercial is hilarious. It’s metacognitive and way before it’s time. This looks like something straight out of theĀ Onion Movie.


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