Milk vs Red Bull: Video Analysis From an Austrian Farmer

There are some videos floating around the Internet that once you start watching, for whatever reason become just impossible to shut off.  Today, SQ Nation, I present to you one of those videos: ladies and gentlemen, I would like you to cordially meet Petutschnig Hons, an Austrian farmer whose first name may be the final question in next week’s 2014 National Spelling Bee on ESPN.  He also apparently has some serious issues with Red Bull – more on this unique video after the link!

Milk vs Red Bull Video Analysis from an Austrian Farmer

I told you it Mr. Hons would be impossible to walk away from!  This video has an interesting to it: it starts off with a slice of awe, but then quickly transitions to thoughts of “this guy has a horrible fake accent” (like we all know what an Austrian accent really sounds like – that Sound of Music Collector’s Edition Blu-Ray on your mantle doesn’t count either), but then turns to hilarity towards the end as he smashes the sucrose out of the eight ounces of Red Bull.

Still don’t think this behemoth of a human being is legit?  Check out his Facebook page – now are you so sure?  It’s hard to ignore nearly 50,000 likes, and nothing but Austrian comments – but then again I failed Austrian 1 in high school, so I have no idea if the whole thing is just a parody or what.  Either way it was a highly enjoyable video, if not one that is already in the running for SQ’s Weirdest Video of 2014!

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