The Label ‘Gamer’ and What it Means During an Oil Change

Gamer. A term a lot of people don’t care to labeled with. Is he someone who plays Call of Duty into the twilight hours of the night? Is she the girl with the DS Lite on the airplane? Is it you with your Candy Crush Saga at the laundromat?

Yes. For heaven’s sake. Yes. You can’t get all philosophical and pull a Frasier and say, “I was just killing time while the whites dried…” If you’re gaming what you are is a gamer. Now, there is an exception to the rule. If you try a video game (and yes, all those Android and iOS games count – so don’t gingerly and quietly back out of this conversation) and don’t really get what all the fuss is about, so you stop playing and never think about it again, then you’re not a gamer. And that is 100% okay. Just like those of us who are gamers, it’s perfectly alright.

What’s not honkey dory though, other than me using the phrase honkey dory, is people who play Boggle on their Samsung Galaxy while I read Reddit while getting my oil changed, and then make a face when I tell my friend over the phone that I can’t wait to raid in World of Warcraft tonight.  Continue reading “The Label ‘Gamer’ and What it Means During an Oil Change”

iOS Games We Like: Bill Killem

Over the past fourteen splendid months here at SQ we’ve brought you only the best, filtered iOS games for your iPhone, from the addiction that was Pixel People all the way to my current action-RPG fave Wayward Souls.  This evening however I present to you a different game – Bill Killem – which is not only a phenomenally addictive, and just downright fun retro platformer that’s part Contra and part Majora’s Mask, but something else.  It’s freakin’ free!

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Father’s Day Advice from Samuel L Jackson

Relax my slightly qualified warriors, Father’s Day 2014 is still 11 days away!  If your blood stopped pumping when you saw this post’s headline about Father’s Day – meaning you forgot all about it – don’t feel left out.  This morning when I was driving to work here in beautiful, congested-as-all-insert-your-favorite-curse-word Houston, they mentioned it on the radio and made it seem like it was this weekend.  Thankfully we still have some time, and also thankfully we have some stellar Father’s Day advice from the legendary Samuel L. Jackson!  And no, this is not a Capital One credit card advertisement.  Hit the link below for the full funny picture!

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Marines Unleash 2 SMAW Rockets at the Taliban

What’s better than a live SMAW rocket exploding on a known Taliban position in Afghanistan?  Two SMAW rockets – because in the Marine Corps we don’t like to fight fair.  Ever.  Maybe that’s why we win all the time?  Anywho, above is a stellar moto video out of one of my former vacation spots – Helmand Province – which features a patrol that unleashes not one, but TWO Shoulder-Launched Multipurpose Assault Weapon rockets at what started off as a Taliban position, and then likely ended up being more of that lovely Afghan moon dust.  More after the video and the link below!

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Warlords of Draenor Stat Update

Photo taken from

Blizzard has been busy testing out all the new stats and features for their upcoming expansion pack, and they just released details of their progress. Statistics play a huge roll in WoW, and the only thing possibly more fun than critting for a million plus may be making fun of dead people over vent. Ah, the good ol’ times…

I won’t get down and dirty because Blizzard already paraphrased enough. And we aren’t really a news site, at all really, but I like to pass along this info every now and then. There are a few highlights worth mentioning though! Continue reading “Warlords of Draenor Stat Update”

Funny Marine Corps Pictures for Well, Marines

It’s crazy to think that I have now been off active duty from my beloved Marine Corps for two and a half years – the time has really flown by, and while I miss a lot of it, there’s a lot that I don’t.  The tendencies – all good ones, of course – will always be a part of me, which is why I’ll always get a kick out of pics that really capture the true humor of the Marine Corps.  So therefore, I present to the swelling military and Marine Corps community (all branches welcome!) here at SQ, part 1 of funny Marine Corps pictures for well, Marines!

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Dan LeBatard + Rant + Indiana Pacers = Priceless

Apparently LeBatard has done this type of rant before, but I don’t know if I’ve ever laughed so hard at one. Maybe it’s because the Indiana Pacers fell apart worse than a toppling Jenga tower. Or maybe it’s because the background music is O Fortuna. Which I may or may not have been initiated to in college.

You see, the rant isn’t funny because it’s a coach tearing apart the media. It’s not funny because a player is being chic and witty in response to a rhetorical question. It’s funny because Dan LeBatard has been pegged by some as a Miami Heat homer, which I think he’s admitted on a geographical level, but not because he grew up watching them or because he grew up watching the Heat with his father.

It’s funny because he’s laughing while he’s doing it. At first listen, I laughed a bit. I chuckled. But when I listened to it again, I couldn’t get past him laughing while he’s doing it. It’s like this rant is his own sport.

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Part 2: Helmet Cam Firefight Video from Afghanistan

If you thought part one was intense yesterday, wait until you experience the next ten minutes of this Afghanistan firefight through the lens of a US Army SAW gunner’s high definition helmet cam – part two above raises the intensity level even higher.  Whereas the first video just showcased the soldiers fighting back from the same location, part two we get to see the platoon commander request air support, and watch as the entire platoon fights its way back to a stronger defensive position.  Awesome video – stop reading, and watch above – then hit the link below for more award winning commentary!

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Tennis Ball Girl Asked to Catch Ginormous Bug on Court

Tennis: the game that’s actually fun to play, but no one knows how to keep score.  Love-to-love?  What?  Oh, and then there’s the grunting – if you close your eyes in the grandstands you’d swear you were at an outdoor version of Gold’s Gym, except in this case these tennis players with lopsided arm sizes only apparently do curls with their serving arms, and those grunts aren’t coming from doing dead lifts.  To make the sport even weirder, ball girls and boys are included in on the fun, as they are expected to sprint on a moment’s notice like Usain Bolt to clear the court from any stranded tennis balls – or in this case, giant alien bugs.

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Helmet Cam Firefight Video in Afghanistan

There’s nothing quite like 11 minutes of intense firefight video footage from a soldier’s helmet cam in Afghanistan to get you rolling before work on a Wednesday morning – am I right?  Watch through this M240 SAW gunner’s helmet cam as his squad or platoon gets caught up in a crazy firefight which has them pinned down in a nearby mud hut compound, and this time the Taliban aren’t leaving anytime soon.  More tactical video commentary after the link below!

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Humble Beginnings: Carell and Colbert do Even Stevphen

Comedy Central, some years ago, righted a sinking ship in The Daily Show by hiring Jon Stewart. Turning political speak into punchlines received better than expected attention, and Stewart was on the road to becoming what appeared to be a political voice surging through the muck and mire of American politics.

Both Steve Carell and Stephen Colbert were brought on as reporters and comedic acts, and due to the success of the show, and themselves, they started gaining national attention too. So much that Colbert earned his own segment, The Colbert Report, that aired after The Daily Show. While Carell didn’t follow suit, he launched his acting career. Continue reading “Humble Beginnings: Carell and Colbert do Even Stevphen”