Marines Unleash 2 SMAW Rockets at the Taliban

What’s better than a live SMAW rocket exploding on a known Taliban position in Afghanistan?  Two SMAW rockets – because in the Marine Corps we don’t like to fight fair.  Ever.  Maybe that’s why we win all the time?  Anywho, above is a stellar moto video out of one of my former vacation spots – Helmand Province – which features a patrol that unleashes not one, but TWO Shoulder-Launched Multipurpose Assault Weapon rockets at what started off as a Taliban position, and then likely ended up being more of that lovely Afghan moon dust.  More after the video and the link below!

Combat Video: Marines Unleash 2 SMAW Rockets at Taliban Position

While no video or amount of Dolby surround sound can truly replicate having one of those bad boys launch off your right shoulder, I will say that the second one came pretty damn close.  While I was in Infantry Officers Course – you know, that school – we got to fire just about every weapon in the Marine Corps‘ arsenal, and while I didn’t get to shoot a live SMAW, I did get to shoot a live AT-4, which is less advanced but essentially the same shoulder-fired rocket system.  Let’s just say it was a rush – the fact that I shot a freaking live rocket off my shoulder and then returned to throwing live grenades and laying down suppression with my M4 ended up being one of the coolest training days during my four years in the Marine Corps.

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