Part 2: Helmet Cam Firefight Video from Afghanistan

If you thought part one was intense yesterday, wait until you experience the next ten minutes of this Afghanistan firefight through the lens of a US Army SAW gunner’s high definition helmet cam – part two above raises the intensity level even higher.  Whereas the first video just showcased the soldiers fighting back from the same location, part two we get to see the platoon commander request air support, and watch as the entire platoon fights its way back to a stronger defensive position.  Awesome video – stop reading, and watch above – then hit the link below for more award winning commentary!

Helmet Cam Firefight Video from Afghanistan Part 2

As you have probably have already read from my part one commentary and analysis, I had to make a metric crap load of assumptions on what the bigger picture was during this gun fight.  I was right that the soldiers in part one – the camera man never left that wall, so it was impossible to really tell – were definitely not alone, as what appeared to be the entire rest of the platoon was fighting from nearby mud compounds.

It was also good to see the platoon leader emerge and take charge as the platoon fought its way over to a stronger defensive position. The best part: it looks like no one was injured or hurt during the battle, and even the ANA (Afghan National Army) got in on the action – although that warrior could use a little more training on how long his sustained bursts should be.

We keep getting more requests for more Afghanistan combat videos, so I’m hoping this two part helmet cam firefight series keeps everyone satiated for a while, and by a while I mean no more than a day because you best believe I will be bringing you more!  If this is your first time to SQ, let me introduce you to our humongous tag cloud which you can find on the right hand side of the website: we’ve got everything from exhilarating Afghanistan combat videos to funny videos, and just about everything and anything entertaining wedged neatly in between.

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