Dan LeBatard + Rant + Indiana Pacers = Priceless

Apparently LeBatard has done this type of rant before, but I don’t know if I’ve ever laughed so hard at one. Maybe it’s because the Indiana Pacers fell apart worse than a toppling Jenga tower. Or maybe it’s because the background music is O Fortuna. Which I may or may not have been initiated to in college.

You see, the rant isn’t funny because it’s a coach tearing apart the media. It’s not funny because a player is being chic and witty in response to a rhetorical question. It’s funny because Dan LeBatard has been pegged by some as a Miami Heat homer, which I think he’s admitted on a geographical level, but not because he grew up watching them or because he grew up watching the Heat with his father.

It’s funny because he’s laughing while he’s doing it. At first listen, I laughed a bit. I chuckled. But when I listened to it again, I couldn’t get past him laughing while he’s doing it. It’s like this rant is his own sport.

Dan LeBatard + Rant + Indiana Pacers = Priceless

Some of my favorite quotes:

After gaining a second wind: I’m channeling my inner Beyonce!

When describing the Pacers: Paul George…that’s the name of two Beatles. Guess who has two Ringo’s?

When describing Paul George’s house being burglarized: Found missing…$16,000 in cash, a watch, and Roy Hibbert!

We love rants at SQ. You see, normally the coach sticks up for his or her players. But here? Nope! He even goes so far as to say a sniper must have been sniping his players because they just kept falling down. Wow. I bet he plays a mean game of Call of Duty.

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