Rush Hour 4 Parody Video feat. Kobe Bryant and Jeremy Lin

If you enjoyed our last NBA parody video trailer for Dumb and Dumber with LeBron James, then you’re going to really enjoy this Rush Hour 4 parody video with Kobe Bryant and Jeremy Lin.  The Rush Hour series is one of my favorite comedy series – not as good as the Shanghai Knights/Noon one, but excellent nonetheless – so this parody video made me really wish this movie was actually happening.  On that note, Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan really need to team up again – like soon!  Enjoy this stellar parody video – as always more after the link below!

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LeBron Gives Harry a Ride to Cleveland (Dumb and Dumber Parody Video!)

While we don’t usually journey into the world of sports here at SQ, the chances are much higher if it involves pretty much anything basketball related.  But when you mix in Dumb and Dumber, one of the Holy Grail comedy movies of all-time, with basketball – there’s absolutely zero way we’re passing up on talking about it.  If you haven’t heard that LeBron James recently spurned the Miami Heat and the rest of the basketball world to return to his home in Cleveland, then you are probably the only person on earth that won’t appreciate this insanely awesome, and somehow perfect-quality parody video featuring King James as the legendary Lloyd Christmas.  If you watch one video this week, make it this one.  “You’ve been wearing two pairs of gloves this entire time?”  “Yeah Harry, we’re in the ROCKIES!”

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Dan LeBatard + Rant + Indiana Pacers = Priceless

Apparently LeBatard has done this type of rant before, but I don’t know if I’ve ever laughed so hard at one. Maybe it’s because the Indiana Pacers fell apart worse than a toppling Jenga tower. Or maybe it’s because the background music is O Fortuna. Which I may or may not have been initiated to in college.

You see, the rant isn’t funny because it’s a coach tearing apart the media. It’s not funny because a player is being chic and witty in response to a rhetorical question. It’s funny because Dan LeBatard has been pegged by some as a Miami Heat homer, which I think he’s admitted on a geographical level, but not because he grew up watching them or because he grew up watching the Heat with his father.

It’s funny because he’s laughing while he’s doing it. At first listen, I laughed a bit. I chuckled. But when I listened to it again, I couldn’t get past him laughing while he’s doing it. It’s like this rant is his own sport.

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On Sterling, Silver Earns Gold

Adam Silver is the perfect man for the job. In his first few months as NBA Commissioner, he had to address a problem that the NBA owners let grow: Donald Sterling. You see, when an owner of a professional sports franchise refers to people of other races as enemies, you just watched the metaphorical cat jump out of the bag.

And what did Adam Silver do to Donald Sterling? Banned him for life from the NBA! That’s not an overhand right from Tyson, that’s Tyson with 2×4. Sterling is now banned from any and all basketball activities pertaining to anything NBA related. He still owns the team – for now. But that may actually be coming to an end soon too.

If you’re ancy to get right to the banning (it’s ok to admit it), jump right to the 2:13 mark. And watch Silver’s facial expression and eyes when he says, “for life!” I like this guy. A lot.

Portlandia Trail Blazers Post-Game Speech Video

Off the top of my head I probably have 5-10 television shows that I have always wanted to watch, but simply don’t have the time to actually sit on my fancy fake leather couch and take them in.  Portlandia – an IFC comedy starring former SNL cast member and comedian Fred Armisen – is one of those shows.  While I never thought Fred was the greatest SNL cast member – hey, I’m being honest – every trailer and commercial for Portlandia always made me laugh, and this Portlandia Trail Blazers post-game motivational speech video is no different.  Enjoy the video – more slightly qualified Portlandia thoughts after the link!

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Why You Should Watch The NBA Finals

Most years, the road to the NBA Finals is pretty tame. Even when Michael Jordan graced the friendly skies of the United Center, he didn’t have too much trouble making it to the finals. And then came this year. A brink of potential madness that ebbed and overturned not a briny washup of minor timing and opportunity, but rather two pearls: the Duncan-led San Antonio Spurs and His Majesty King James’ Miami Heat. Continue reading “Why You Should Watch The NBA Finals”