Rush Hour 4 Parody Video feat. Kobe Bryant and Jeremy Lin

If you enjoyed our last NBA parody video trailer for Dumb and Dumber with LeBron James, then you’re going to really enjoy this Rush Hour 4 parody video with Kobe Bryant and Jeremy Lin.  The Rush Hour series is one of my favorite comedy series – not as good as the Shanghai Knights/Noon one, but excellent nonetheless – so this parody video made me really wish this movie was actually happening.  On that note, Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan really need to team up again – like soon!  Enjoy this stellar parody video – as always more after the link below!

Rush Hour 4 Parody Video feat. Kobe Bryant and Jeremy Lin

Much like the last parody video with King James, we just have to give props and an electronic SQ High Five to YouTube creative genius daveavin – be sure to hit his channel up and subscribe, as he has a ton more NBA parody videos that I am already knee deep in.  Awesome work sir!

While the Lakers still likely won’t be very good – I could see them maybe sneaking in as a 7 or 8 seed in the West – they should be a decent improvement from last year’s debacle of a team.  That being said, this parody video may very well likely be the most entertaining Lakers’ highlights you’ll see all year!

Lots more great content coming soon!  Hope you all had a kick ass weekend!

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