Kacy Catanzaro, at 5 Feet Tall and 100 Pounds, Absolutely Owns American Ninja Warrior

“Shut the FRONT door!” I don’t know what’s the best part about this already-viral video: the fact that at only 100 pounds and just five feet tall, former D-1 gymnast Kacy Catanzaro makes the American Ninja Warrior final obstacle course look like a joke, or that the two announcers may have stolen the show with their Dodgeball-esque comments and jokes.  Regardless, if you haven’t seen this video, it is well worth the seven minute run time. More comments on just how freaking hard some of these obstacles that she demolished below!

Kacy Catanzaro Owns American Ninja Warrior Video

As a former Marine, I know my way around the traditional military obstacle course, and to me this course looked fairly easy until Ms. Catanzaro arrived at, and subsequently demolished the three sets of rings.  From someone who has no problem doing 20 dead hang pull ups, those rings are a completely different animal – that’s when I was really impressed, until I realized that there was much more to come.  From the crazy pull-up bar that you essentially have to kip your way up all the way to the spider wall grand finale, there’s a good reason why this video has gone viral!  Oh, and the announcers are awesome too!

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