LeBron Gives Harry a Ride to Cleveland (Dumb and Dumber Parody Video!)

While we don’t usually journey into the world of sports here at SQ, the chances are much higher if it involves pretty much anything basketball related.  But when you mix in Dumb and Dumber, one of the Holy Grail comedy movies of all-time, with basketball – there’s absolutely zero way we’re passing up on talking about it.  If you haven’t heard that LeBron James recently spurned the Miami Heat and the rest of the basketball world to return to his home in Cleveland, then you are probably the only person on earth that won’t appreciate this insanely awesome, and somehow perfect-quality parody video featuring King James as the legendary Lloyd Christmas.  If you watch one video this week, make it this one.  “You’ve been wearing two pairs of gloves this entire time?”  “Yeah Harry, we’re in the ROCKIES!”

LeBron Gives Harry a Ride to Cleveland (Dumb and Dumber Parody Video)

Was that not awesome?  Short yes, but it’s one of those videos that you watch over and over again.  How it only has 58,000 views on YouTube right now is beyond me, but that’s where SQ Nation can come in to help.  We have to give kudos to the creator on this stellar parody video – Tag McNamara and his YouTube channel 18 Lives.  Considering this is only his first published video – at least in this channel – I will definitely be keeping tabs on what else this talented publisher comes out with in the future.  Be sure to head over to his channel and subscribe today!

If you’re craving more great videos – we’ve got tags for that!  Check out the pages upon pages of funny videos, parody videos and even Afghanistan combat videos and airstrike videos.  We’re constantly adding more footage here at SQ, so standby for more!

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