Tennis Ball Girl Asked to Catch Ginormous Bug on Court

Tennis: the game that’s actually fun to play, but no one knows how to keep score.  Love-to-love?  What?  Oh, and then there’s the grunting – if you close your eyes in the grandstands you’d swear you were at an outdoor version of Gold’s Gym, except in this case these tennis players with lopsided arm sizes only apparently do curls with their serving arms, and those grunts aren’t coming from doing dead lifts.  To make the sport even weirder, ball girls and boys are included in on the fun, as they are expected to sprint on a moment’s notice like Usain Bolt to clear the court from any stranded tennis balls – or in this case, giant alien bugs.

Tennis Ball Girl Asked to Catch Huge Bug on Court

So how fast did that video go from “this is super awkward” to “wow she’s actually picking that ginormous horse of a bug up with her bare hands” to “holy cow I think that bug just crapped in her hand and everyone on the jumbotron saw it?”  Well considering this tennis ball girl bug video is only 45 seconds long, I’d say no more than 20 or so seconds – sorry, I had to answer my own question.

The bottom line, this probably the second best tennis ball girl or tennis ball person video I’ve seen to date.  What’s the first, you ask? That’s easy: who remembers the legendary episode of Seinfeld (that would be all of them – trick question) where Kramer got to the ball boy on national television?  This video was outstanding, but I don’t think this girl or her pooping bug topped it.  It was close though!

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  1. too bad she didn’t try and shake the tennis player’s hand after that, because that was most certainly poop! i bet the color commentary was hilarious during this match as well – made me think of Dodgeball

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