Gaming’s Inner Demons

I just stumbled upon Chris Hemworth’s artwork. It’s terrifying and beautiful at the same time. Like when you see a supercell over the plains in the Midwest. But at least these prints won’t tear down your walls – they build them up!

What I especially love about these prints is that they’re simple. It’s like a funny inside joke with a bitter aftertaste. But with a nice a frame if you want.

And today’s cross section of gaming and popular culture is widening every day. Recently, we found this gem: a Game of Thrones spirited SNES Super Mario Bros. 16-bit musical intro. Today, we find prints worthy of multiple rooms in our house. It’s a good time to be a gamer.

There’s more than just gaming prints, and they range from delightful warmness to abject terror. For example, I laughed at the Star Wars print…

Star Wars

But felt a twinge of sadness at the Woodland creature tangled in lights. Maybe I’m missing the joke, but either way, it’s kind of sad.

Woodland Creature

Prints are well worth the minute-long scan, and you may find yourself purchasing one!

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