Gaming’s Inner Demons

I just stumbled upon Chris Hemworth’s artwork. It’s terrifying and beautiful at the same time. Like when you see a supercell over the plains in the Midwest. But at least these prints won’t tear down your walls – they build them up!

What I especially love about these prints is that they’re simple. It’s like a funny inside joke with a bitter aftertaste. But with a nice a frame if you want.

And today’s cross section of gaming and popular culture is widening every day. Recently, we found this gem: a Game of Thrones spirited SNES Super Mario Bros. 16-bit musical intro. Today, we find prints worthy of multiple rooms in our house. It’s a good time to be a gamer.

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Harry Potter vs Star Wars Funny Video

Yeah, so I really am not a fan of Harry Potter – I’ve tried the movies, and even one of the books, and I just can’t get in to anything that begins with Harry and ends with Potter.  Now Star Wars on the other hand I love – I grew up with Han Solo and Luke Skywalker, and I am pumped for the latest movie – which now all the original stars will be acting in!  So with that being said, I was a little skeptical about the Harry Potter half of this video, but I was dead wrong: this video is extremely well done, highly entertaining, and is without a doubt a must-see funny video.  Watch it now!

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15 Funny, Awkward and Crazy Prom Pictures

With May arriving this week, Prom season has officially arrived.  Just yesterday I stopped in at a Jos A Bank to rent a suit for a wedding that I’m in – two great friends from high school, nevertheless – towards the end of May.  In order to give me a discount, the store manager listed my suit rental as a “prom special”, so now when I head back up to Chicago to pick up my suit, I am going to likely receive some very weird looks from the store employees – yes, I’m 30 years old, maybe I’ll just screw with them and tell them I’m a chaperone?  Anyways, today is Monday, and since Mondays generally suck – thank you Bill Lumbergh – why not do what SQ does best: lighten the mood with 15 of the funniest, craziest and most awkward prom pictures that have ever graced the Internet?  We thought you’d enjoy them, so hit the link below for all the funny prom pics!

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Disney Closes LucasArts’ Doors

Today Disney took the ax to LucasArts’ development studio, laying off approximately 150 staff personnel in order to change up their video game business model and focus more on licensing.  For those folks that were let go today, we are extremely sorry to hear the news, and wish you all the best moving forward.  For gamers out there who were looking forward to Star Wars 1313 and Star Wars: First Assault, you may want to consider changing your pre-order to different games, because they are officially “on hold”.  Hit the link below for the official LucasArts press statement.

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