Harry Potter vs Star Wars Funny Video

Yeah, so I really am not a fan of Harry Potter – I’ve tried the movies, and even one of the books, and I just can’t get in to anything that begins with Harry and ends with Potter.  Now Star Wars on the other hand I love – I grew up with Han Solo and Luke Skywalker, and I am pumped for the latest movie – which now all the original stars will be acting in!  So with that being said, I was a little skeptical about the Harry Potter half of this video, but I was dead wrong: this video is extremely well done, highly entertaining, and is without a doubt a must-see funny video.  Watch it now!

Harry Potter vs Star Wars Funny Video

Was that not excellent or what?  Even if you’re not a fan of either series, you at least have to appreciate the special effects for a YouTube special – and how about the subtle humor?  I think my favorite scene is at the very end when the kid is getting pulled back in the front door of the house yelling, “Gandolf!!!!!!!!!”  If you don’t get that joke, well, then this fight video really wasn’t for you!

While I’ve never heard of the people behind this stellar funny video, you can check out the RackaRacka YouTube channel right here. To the RackaRacka productions and creative team, I applaud you – that was an awesome video, and I am already checking out what else you have in the inventory.  Heck, Harry Potter could have won that battle and I still would have enjoyed the video – and that is saying a lot.  Actually I wouldn’t have really cared.

If you’re looking for more stellar funny videos, just head on over to our funny videos site tag – we are always adding more!  Keep it real SQ faithful, and stay tuned for more!

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