Call me Master of the Obvious here, but the criminal rung of society for the most part isn’t comprised of the smartest individuals.  As a Houston resident now for almost two years, I have seen some insane stories and videos courtesy of the local news channels, but this fight video which shows a former MMA champion-turned gas station attendant absolutely annihilating a pair of “maybe-we-should-have-made-sure-the-gas-station-clerk-wasn’t-an-MMA-fighter-before-robbing-his-buddy” robbers just might take the cake.  You’re going to want to watch this video – trust me!

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Turn down your speakers, and cover your kid’s ears if they’re within a 5 kilometer radius of your computer or tablet, because this is one of the most severe cases of road rage you will ever witness.  Of course, it comes from our violent neighbors to the Great White North, but hey, what can you expect?

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Now here’s something you don’t see everyday – watch this kid (I say kid because quite honestly I don’t think he’s older than 18 or 19) get the crap kicked out of him by one Amanda Mears, who obviously thought her privacy settings in real life were at the maximum – well she was wrong.  While we do know a few of the details about what happened here – just tap the link below for the story as we know it – it really does shed light on a huge privacy concern, because a public beach is just that – public.  But when does it go too far?  This is definitely one of those gray areas, but wow what a shocking video.

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Yeah, so I really am not a fan of Harry Potter – I’ve tried the movies, and even one of the books, and I just can’t get in to anything that begins with Harry and ends with Potter.  Now Star Wars on the other hand I love – I grew up with Han Solo and Luke Skywalker, and I am pumped for the latest movie – which now all the original stars will be acting in!  So with that being said, I was a little skeptical about the Harry Potter half of this video, but I was dead wrong: this video is extremely well done, highly entertaining, and is without a doubt a must-see funny video.  Watch it now!

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This is one of those videos that you just can’t watch once; you have to watch it least one more time to see it again.  And maybe a third just because.  If this fight video doesn’t remind you of Eurotrip, then you probably haven’t seen that classic movie.  And if that’s the truth, then you’re wrong.  Watch this video, then go watch Eurotrip.  You can thank me later (or now in the comments).