Epic Speed Run: Dark Souls 2 in Under an Hour and a Half

While you probably don’t have an hour and a half to sit through a video this Monday morning, this incredible speed run video through Dark Souls 2 – the latest installment in a trilogy that ranks as arguably the most challenging video game series since the pre-save your game days – deserves your attention.  While I just recently picked up Dark Souls 2 this past week – my initial thoughts are coming this weekend – I was a huge fan of Demon’s Souls which started this crazy series off, and I’ve also been known to peruse into the world of video game speed runs, although I prefer to stick in the retro arena.  And by retro I mean Goldeneye 64.  More on this crazy speed run after the jump!

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Video Game of Thrones: Super Mario World

What happens when you fuse the epic HBO fantasy miniseries Game of Thrones with the SNES‘ legendary flagship title Super Mario World?  You get a freaking masterpiece, that’s what you get!  While the above must-see video only covers the intro theme music to Game of Thrones, the quality is out of this world – both in sound and in visuals (Super Mario World’s map really was the perfect choice) – and already has me humming this retro, 16-bit remix in my head, probably all the way to work and back today.  If you’re a fan of either GoT or stellar retro video games – which we are both – then you need to watch this video.  As in right gosh darn now.

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Products We Want to Test: Flat-D Fart Neutralizer

Products We Want to Try: Flat-D Fart Neutralizer - SlightlyQualified.com

So there I am, driving to work down here in Houston on Wednesday morning, jumping back and forth between my two morning radio stations, Mike and Mike on ESPN, and 94.5 The Buzz’s Rod Ryan Morning Show (Sorry Tebo, I’m getting Pandora TODAY), when Rod starts talking about a new product that they just received: the Flat-D fart neutralizer.  I know what you’re thinking: I thought it was a joke too, but then the company’s founder got on the air from Hawaii and talked about how his products actually work to essentially filter out the odor from your farts, so your office mates will stop throwing shit at you and running for the break room once your morning Chernobyl routine commences.  As a male, and someone who is probably more than slightly qualified in this area of life discussion, I want one.  More after the jump!

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Week In Review

You’re quickly learning that Slightly Qualified likes all things pop culture. Throw in military videos and gaming panache, and we’re probably one of the more eclectic websites you’ve had the pleasure of viewing. We’re a diversified portfolio of interweb goodness.

Raffman posted about a crossfit chap who did 106 – scratch that – zero pull ups at once. He also talks about a 500 lb bomb that almost hit the wrong soldiers. Raffman also discusses a few iOS games like Knifehand and Wayward Souls. And to keep us in touch with our memes, he collected all kinds of fun ginger and Canada pics for your perusing enjoyment. Make sure you don’t miss out on Bill Murray impersonating Harry Caray either.

I had fun writing about some Pandora stations you probably should be listening to. We’re still quoting from these five movies and cannot, for the life of us, stop it. Technically, these were from last week, but make sure you pick up the new Black Keys album Turn Blue and three minutes of your life is a small price for watching Eric Bana in the Deliver Us From Evil trailer.

Our friends at Linkiest are covering everything from athletes to unicorns. LFGdating remains the only dating site for the gamer/geek/nerd in you. And Clumsy Crooks catalogues all things insanely stupid about criminals and their inability to do their job well.

5 Pandora Stations You (Probably) Never Heard Of

I like Pandora. I’m not sure if I love it, but I definitely like Pandora. It’s an easy solution to a problem that plagues us almost daily: what do i want to listen to? Some of us (I for one) have long commutes; some of us walk the dog for an hour; some of us need some noise to drown out the other office lemmings. I’m batting two for three here!

For those of you Pandora virgins, it goes like this. You download the app or go the website. Create an account (takes all of ten seconds). Then put in a band or type of music that you like – and voila! – you’ve created a music station. Create many, create a few, create whatever you want. But if you use Pandora already, you’ve already littered your account with fifty stations. Here’s a few you may not have.

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CrossFit and Pull Ups: Marines Will Love This Video

Oh, CrossFit.  You’ve become so popular over the last decade – and even in my Marine Corps – but sometimes you make me laugh. This video is one of those times.  You see, and our Marines out there in SQ Nation will definitely get this, when I watch this video I started laughing hysterically because I pictured a gunnery sergeant or SNCO standing in front of this dude with his arms crossed across his chest, shaking his head left to right in disgust and saying one word over, and over again.  That one word is “zero”, because if this guy tried to count any of those “pull ups” as actual freaking pull ups, none of them would have counted, and if it were boot camp or OCS, this guy would have been swarmed worse than a guy I know at OCS who asked the drill instructor on the morning of Day 2 if he could get a cup of coffee.  HAHA, I just laughed again!  More on this hilarious CrossFit video after the jump!

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Controlled Detonation in Afghanistan Nearly Kills Two Soldiers

Just like that danger close 500 lb bomb video I posted yesterday, this controlled det video from Afghanistan will make you check your pacemaker.  Although some folks over in the magical land of YouTube are calling this footage out as fake, I’ve replayed it a few times over and it looks/sounds real enough to me.  I’ve had Afghan rocks rain down on my kevlar after a 50 lb IED went off in Helmand, so it’s not like I don’t know what I’m talking about (no, I wasn’t EOD either, so I guess that kinda validates the reason why we called this kick ass website “slightly qualified”, eh?).  But enough talk – you need to watch the video and decide for yourself.  More after the jump!

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Bill Murray Does Harry Caray Impersonation for the Toledo Mun Hens’ Ghostbuster Night

Although I grew up in Chicago with Harry Caray and the Cubs (go White Sox, btw), thanks to the broadcasting monstrosity that is WGN just about everyone in the world knows who Harry Caray was, and how awesomely not sober his broadcasts were.  I remember vividly laying on the floor watching a Cubs game on WGN as a kid, and one of the Cubs players hit what looked like a routine pop fly that made it barely out of Wrigley’s infield.  Harry started going nuts with his iconic, “waaaay back, waaaaaay back”, only for it to be caught – no, not at the warning track – but a step outside of the infield.  I remember laughing then about it, but I just thought he was weird; now I know that it was probably the Old Style talking!  We’ve all seen the stellar impersonation that Will Ferrell does of Harry, but have you seen Bill Murray’s?  Enjoy the video, and as always more after the jump!

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KnifeHand: the iOS Game for Marines Standing By to Stand By

Listen up Marines: sit, kneel, bend, or do whatever you have to do to keep yourselves awake for this brief, because it pertains to that rampant boredom naturally overcomes every single one of you after hours upon hours of standing by to stand by.  Just recently I came across a new iOS game developer – a former Marine – who makes iPhone games specifically for us.  The game development company’s name is SgtBit, and the game I present to SQ Company, 1st Civ Div is KnifeHand: an addicting, but simple side scrolling platform runner in which you run across mud rooftops in Afghanistanimationland in nothing but skivvies, police calling as much as you can along the way while avoiding NJP’s and some guy named Jody (creator’s name, perhaps?).  Can you beat my high score? Probably not; more details and the official SQ KnifeHand High Score challenge below!

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Danger Close Video: 500 Pound Bomb Drops on US Soldiers by Mistake

Alright, everyone check your pants.  Okay, now check them again.  In a combat zone, direct air support – whether it comes from a Huey or an AC-130 Gunship – is almost always a motivational, morale-boosting, and Taliban-smoking experience.  I say almost always because sometimes mistakes are made in either the chain of communication when placing the order for a Super Sized, 500 pound bomb, or in the actual delivery by the pilot in the sky.  In this instance that was one of those moments in which a mistake was made, but thankfully no friendlies were hurt.  Don’t pass on this video – as always more salty commentary after the link!

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5 Comedies We Still Keep Quoting

The early 2000s was a great time for comedy films. Maybe this was because I was in college at the time and it was our joie de vie during pre-parties. Or maybe just because they are that damn funny. I think both are correct.

Every now and then it’s fun to look back on the films that defined who we were at a certain place and time. While these weren’t summer blockbusters or big budget films, they definitely made us laugh all the time.

What do these five comedies have in common? We can’t stop quoting from them in our thirties and they released over a decade ago. The soundtracks were great. The characters had traits that were unbelievably real. And maybe most importantly, there grew in our souls a want to be them. Except for Luke from Out Cold, “He was up in it! Lovin’ it strong!” Continue reading “5 Comedies We Still Keep Quoting”

Funny Canada Memes Part 1, Because it’s Probably Still Winter Up There

Let me make this very clear: I love Canada.  Honestly!  I would go up there every freaking summer if I could – my cousins and uncles always do a fly-in fishing trip each year – just to fish and drink beer.  I have been to some awesome places on vacation, but no kidding my one fly-in fishing trip into middle-of-nowhere-but-nowhere-had-endless-supplies-of-bears-and-LaBatt-Blue was the best, most relaxing vacation I have ever taken, and that includes Afghanistan.  My reasoning is simple: there are no roads or traffic noises, cell phones don’t work, and airplanes don’t even fly overhead.  If you thought a beach in Cancun was total relaxation, you’re wrong – try Canada!  Alright, so in the spirit of SQ – we make/poke fun of just about everything – I present to you the funniest Canadian memes all in one glorious funny picture collection.  Enjoy hosers!

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