Funny Ginger Memes Part 1, Because Why Not?

There’s nothing wrong with orange hair, or a ridiculous amount of freckles all over your face … and back.  Seriously.  While my hair is more brownish than reddish, I am an Irishman which means I have more than my share of freckles and ginger tendencies – as well as a 2-liter deep glass boot for drinking beer water.  So since it’s Monday, and nobody likes Mondays – even Bill Lumbergh – we decided to keep our mega popular funny meme collection train rolling with a dip into the world of the funniest ginger memes.  Part one is below, and as always, many many more funny ginger pics to come!

Funny Ginger Memes Part 1, Because They Don’t Get Old

When you’re done perusing the finest gingers the Interweb has to offer below, don’t forget to hit up our funny meme collection tag for all of our other picture posts, like the ones for Mr. Kim Jong Un and metalheads.  Why?  Because we all adore memes, but get pissed off that they’re never compiled into one spot: that’s where SQ comes in.  But enough about our meme mission – enjoy the funny ginger memes below, and standby for more!

Funny Ginger Meme 1 - SlightlyQualified.comFunny Ginger Meme 2 -

Funny Ginger Meme 3 - SlightlyQualified.comFunny Ginger Meme 4 - SlightlyQualified.comFunny Ginger Meme 5 - SlightlyQualified.comFunny Ginger Meme 6 -

Funny Ginger Meme Not Enough Soul - SlightlyQualified.comFunny Ginger Meme Kid with Pigs - SlightlyQualified.comFunny Ginger Meme Roof is Best Sunblock - SlightlyQualified.comFunny Ginger Meme Can't Get a Date -

I know this is a loaded question, but which meme is your favorite from part one?  The ginger kid staring down Kate Beckinsale I think tops my favorites list – his face is priceless!  In second place I think I would have to go with the ginger sunblock meme – as an aforementioned Irishman, I can’t tell you how important a good layer of SPF-50 sunblock is – and by that I mean every freaking 10 minutes.

As I mentioned earlier, many more ginger memes to come!  And for all of our funny meme collections be sure to hit up and bookmark our official funny meme tag!  Happy Monday!

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  1. What news station would actually type “Kick a ginger day” into the graphic? At least say he was bullied. What a way to kick him while he’s down.

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